Installation instructions for Mac users

Mac users can follow the same instructions as linux users, except for the installation of the external dependencies (requirements):



  • C++ and Fortran compilers

    • Mercury uses C++11 features and thus requires an up-to-date compiler.
      We suggest you use clang
      , or gcc 4.8-6 or higher.

    • To compile our Fortran files, we recommend gfortran.

  • cmake version 2.8.14 or higher (

  • python version 2.7

  • subversion (svn) version 1.7 or higher


Installation steps

Step 1: Install external dependencies

  • To install an up-to-date c++ compiler we recommend you to install either XCode or the Command Line Tools. XCode provides you with a nice IDE, but is ~10GB in size, whereas the Command line tools is a much lighter package. To install the Command Line Tools, open a terminal and type

xcode-select --install

For more details, see

  • To install the other dependencies, we recommend you to use a package manager such as brew. Once you have installed brew, you can install the other packages as follows:

brew cask install cmake

brew install subversion

brew install python

Similarly, you also can install the optional dependencies, like doxygen.

Step 2: Install MercuryDPM